Hi everyone. Have just been put on provera and the side effects are strange. I feel really moody and am having nightmares. Has anyone else had side effects from provera. I am actually in a bit of a bad place because we started an ivf cycle and after 6 days they stopped the cycle as the ultrasound showed one egg and very few follicles. The issue isn't with me, it's with my husband. I have since started at a new fertility clinic and they have started me on provera to level out my menstrual cycles. This was supposed to be given to me after the cycle was stopped. The ultrasound they did a week after the ultrasound with the first clinic showed lots of eggs and follicles. The dr who did my first cycle ultrasound is very unwell and we were told that he finished practice in August. He was our original dr and we found him terrible. This could mean that our first cycle was stopped because of an inaccurate ultrasound. The second place said that they have no idea why it was stopped after seeing the ultrasound. After 5 months of being prodded and poked and $$$$$ I am now starting the process all over again. It's an awful feeling and I am so angry with the first fertility clinic. Good luck everyone. I hope these things don't happen to anyone else.