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    Default 17 DPO high temps and no af????

    hey all, well im very confused atm and its really bringing me down. I thought I knew my body but im guessin not atm. Just looking to see what others think. My Story:24/09 - started metformin 2000mg25/09 (CD1)- Af arrived01/10 (CD7) - Af stopped06/10 (CD12) - +opk test (BD'ed)07/10 (CD13) - all signs of ovulation pinches cervix doing what it should & light spotting in the afternoon 11/10 (CD17or 4DPO) - another +opk (fmu) - by lunch time but cervix is high and closed and creamy cm12/10 (CD18or 5DPO) - crapming more like early labor pains then af starts soft builds up to a peak then resides every few hrs this went on for 5 days. 17/10 (CD23or 11DPO) - another +OPK (fmu) - by lunch time cramping settles still there but not painful and only maybe once or twice a day. - pregnancy test at lunch time.21/10 (CD27or 15DOP) - cervix seemed to become softer was expecting a drop but it remaind high with creamy cm. 23/10 (CD29 or 17DPO) - today wondering what is going on cervix is still high and creamy cm. no sign of Af. Still getting the odd cramp her and there. was feeling very tired a few days ago now im full of energy. and my temp is still up sitting at 36.87 this morning my average temps are around 36.40.
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