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    Sorry to hear about your concerns! I am not sure if you have seen the pediatrician about it, but it sounds to me like she has reflux? Have you heard of reflux?

    She probably doesnt like lying down as this can make the reflux worse. Have you tried putting something under the mattress to put her on a bit of an angle? I also found the dummy helped with my reflux baby.

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    Thanks everyone. My second son was a spewer but would sleep on his back and it's like I knew when he was going to spew , he never spewed half an hour after a feed. This little poppet spews randomly ! I'm unsure if its reflux as she is not crying from it..... Part of me wonders if I'm over doing it with feeding as it can be one hourly sometimes. Oh well, good job my washing machine is heavy duty!

    Thanks for your advice and ill look into reflux, she is a good sleeper next to me at night laying on her side. , wouldn't reflux make her wakeful and miserable ? Will investigate . Thanks. !


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