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    Default Breastfeeding twin not gaining weight

    Hi everyone,

    so I have 5 month old twins who are fully breastfed, one of my girls, the smaller of the two has not put on weight for the last 2 month (hasn't lost any either). She feeds beautifully (I fed only on one side for the whole fed and the other baby on the other side) for ten minutes, her tummy feels full and she never vomits, poos are normal to. My other baby has been gaining weight fine so I know it's not a milk issue.

    i am going to a dr about this soon as she is now below the percentile lines now, i just thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any ideas of what this could be?

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    No answers, just some more questions for you to think about:

    - Do you alternate which side the twins feed on at each feed? (sometimes one breast for some reason or another seems to be a better milk producer)
    - Have you tried letting her feed longer than 10mins? She may need longer at the breast than her sister, not all babies feed with the same efficiency.
    - Have you tried feeding her more frequently than her sister? Not convenient as I imagine your hands are pretty full but her sister's feeding schedule may not be her ideal schedule.

    I wouldn't be too worried yet so long as she's seeming happy and plenty of wet and dirty nappies as you said. As well as seeing a GP to rule out any underlying issues I suggest perhaps contacting ABA for further advice.


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