Hello everyone,
I'm a bit new to this site. I would like to share my story with you and hopefully get some advice/help from all of you.
My DS will turn 2, tomorrow and over the last two years I have been with him at home. When he was about to be born I actually finished my PhD in Engineering. I wanted to spend some time with him, so instead of working straightaway I took a bit of a break, hoping to start work when he turns about 6 months. However things have not been pleasant and DS started wheezing and doctors say he is having asthma - diagnosed just before his 1st B'day. So whenever he catches a cold or flu, he gets asthma and life has not been the same since then. We have had many trips to the hospital. When DS turned 1, I started sending him to a day care - just one day per week, so that he can get socialized, and this made things worse. Continuously he has been getting sick and this lead to more frequent visits to the GP and/or hospital.
I can't bear to see how much he suffers. When he gets sick he totally rejects any food or drink, hence I still breastfeed him and I think I will continue to do so till he gets rid of asthma.
When his asthma worsens ventoline helps his breathing but only breastfeeding makes his life easy. So I do not have the option of doing a job as long as he gets asthma - at least for a couple of more years till he gets a bit older.
So I'm searching for potential things/jobs that I will be able to do while staying at home with him. I'm currently privately tutoring VCE students, but sometimes when bubs get sick I can't meet their deadlines - so finding it hard to make a regular income.
Can any one suggest me potential lines of jobs that will allow me to work flexibly, from home?
All your ideas are welcome.