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    Quote Originally Posted by adearl View Post
    I'v only had a natural birth so cant comment on pain/length etc but my mum has and she agrees that natural is much preferred. Is there any possibility you could look at hiring a midwife and having bub at home if it comes to that? I agree that induction leads to a higher rate of intervention.
    I was going to say this^

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    First baby was early induced for health reasons and the whole process was ultra painful for me, and very long. 13+ hours. (All natural labour except for the last hour when they thought I was going to be prepped for a c-section and got me an epidural.) She was a bit under 7 pounds.

    Second baby was a week overdue and natural labour. Discomfort on the scale of menstrual pains to start - then I had an epidural the moment I walked into the hospital! All total? From the first pain to the actual delivery was about 6-7 hours (Not sure on exact length as I slept through all but the last 4 hours.) She was 7 pounds 1 ounce.

    Third baby? They wanted to induce - again because of health reasons - but that same morning I went into natural labour. I asked for and got an epidural straight off, but was still in a painful labour for 14 hours. My dr for the third baby said at the 13 and a half hour mark that if I was in labour for even one more hour he was prepping me for a c-section. About 20 minutes before his deadline, the baby came by himself! He weighed 8 pounds even.

    On the whole? I found that the induced first labour was by far the worst there was as far as pain, but I think that was a combination of not knowing what was happening, not knowing what to expect, fear for the babys health and being completely unprepared for the scale of pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephv View Post
    I'm curious about inductions. I have quick labours (first 20mins) so ob wants to induce to make sure I'm somewhere safe ie hospital not in the car or garage etc.

    For those that have had both - is it more more painful? Was it longer? Is it just that you know labour is about to start so you feel everything?

    I know he is waiting for my cervix to do something - currently tight and closed so no induction date yet. Does that mean it will be less invasive?
    I have always had short labors and my last two were induced and it was a ton more painful. My first 3 were natural no meds. I wanted to do natural with no meds for 4th but the doctor convinced me to do an epidural so I did finally get it. The 5th was induced no meds and it was more painful by far the time leading to labor seemed like for ever but once it kicked in she was out in like 5 minutes the nurse almost had to deliver her lol

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    Default Who has had a natural birth and an induction?

    My first (daughter) I was 2 weeks late and induced but I luckily lost my mucus plug that day so was actually going into labour it was a 5 hr natural labour / birth so was very good for first timer my second (son) was induced a wk early and was completely opposite 2 days labour had my waters broken and every drug including a epidural top up it was horrible I was told by my ob it would be quicker and easier then my first so obviously in my mind I had that but was so disapointed etc when it went opposite direction nearly had a csec but all of a sudden he decided he would come out when we hav another I'm doing it all differently but being induced early for me wasn't very good it made contractions strong and quick instead if gradually going into labour naturally like my daughter. everyone is different as every pregnancy I dnt think ill ever know how it will go until it happens.

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    I haven't had an induction, but have had quick labours.

    1st: approx four hours
    2nd: 48 minutes breech
    3rd: 13 minutes (at home, then transfer to hospital to deliver the placenta)
    4th: 47 minutes (at MILs, then transfer to hospital to deliver the placenta)
    5th: 66 minutes (in the hallway of the hospital)
    6th: 54 hours - attempted freebirth, arrived in the ambulance on the way to hospital.
    7th: 2½ hours - perfect home delivery, midwife arrived 30 minutes later - just after the placenta came.

    I had it suggested to me that I should get an induction for the same reason you were given, but declined. I found that more the most part the births with less hospital interference went better. (My 6th I think, in hindsight, needed her waters to be manually broken. If I had had an independant midwife in attendance then that wouldn't have been a problem.)
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