Hi everyone,

It's only early days (5 weeks) but my doctor has already suggested that I start thinking about where to have the baby, all going well. I have private health insurance with HCF and waiting to here back what I am covered for I know pregnancy is covered but just not sure how much of it yet.

Does anyone in Adelaide have any favorites preferences? Because I am not telling family and friends yet cant ask any questions or will give away my condition

It's all so overwhelming finding out that we are actually having a baby let alone making these decisions already!

So my best options as I live north eastern suburbs so far would be:
Private at Calvary North Eastern Community. Anyone used these hospitals or had a OBGYN from one they recommend?
Public at Lyell Mcewin as a private patient but does any one know if you can pick your own OBGYN at lyell Mac? and if you can which ones deliver there?

Thanks in advance ladies! Any advice is much appreciated.