I thought I would start this thread for those of us who are currently taking Clomid to TTC.

I am 29 and found out that I have PCOS about 6 months ago. We were going to wait until next year to TTC but with my diagnosis we decided to start a bit earlier. We officially started TTC in August 2012 for Baby #1.

My latest day 21 BT shows that I don't ovulate so Dr has put me straight on Clomid, 25mg day 5-9 and started me charting. My Temps don't seem to make any sense so far but I'm sure it will all come together after a month or two

I am currently cycle day 8, I have been taking the Clomid at about 9.00pm. So far I have experienced headaches and hot flushes and felt quite tired.

I would love to hear from other ladies out there going though similar experiences as me.