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    Default Am I depressed or just unhappy?

    I feel lost. everyday I wake up im filled with nothing. the only thing that makes me smile is my DS smile. I havent been to the doctor to get any diagnose. I dont know weather im medically depressed or if im just unhappy with where my life is. dont get me wrong I love the fact I have a wonderful son and a somewhat fiance. here is my life.
    my fiance is trying to quit drugs for the 150th time in our relationship (been together for 2 almost 3 years) he says he is trying but he sneaks out to mates places who smoke and I know he is smoking it. the smell is pretty hard to cover up. I keep beleiving every time he says he will quit and cut back and what not. Lies!!
    I never ever want to end up with someone who does that stuff. we got together after a 1 night stand and falling pregnant and we grew to love each other before DS was born.
    I serisouly love him and my son but why am I so empty?
    nother reason why im so down is the fact that im definalty overweight im not talking about like I weigh 70kg. im badly overwieght I weight 120kg (gosh thats hard to admit) im trying to lose the weight but im a comfort eater. I also suffer with psryasis all over my arms and legs which means im fully clothed 24/7. which I hate when I have to.leave the house or find nice clothes that I have to cover up with a long sleave jacket.
    another thing that gets me down is the fact me and my partner are never intermate! since we first meet each other the 1st time we had sex I fell pregnant. since then we only had sex 2 more times! I feel the urge and he dont want it. he feels the urge and I dont want it.
    I just hate feeling like this. I try to talk to a friend about it and she always has troubles in her life so I dont get much say.
    yes I only have 1 friend. try to make more but never happens.
    im 25 why arnt I enjoying life! I enjoy my life when its just me and DS and he is happy but when he alseep I have time to.think and I just hate it.
    does anyone think im medically depressed or should I just change my life?
    (sorry for rambling on)
    thank you for reading my twisted sad life.

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    Default Am I depressed or just unhappy?

    Sounds like you may be depressed, but I'm no doctor. You won't be harmed by going to the doctor to chat about things anyway. Sounds like you have LOTS of stressors in your life, and it can be so hard to get stuff in perspective. You would definitely benefit from counselling of some kind.

    Good luck.

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    Hi. Sounds like there is a lot going on and it's overwhelming for you. I really feel for you because I have psoriasis quite badly too and it effects my self esteem and I can understand why you may not always feel like getting intimate.
    For the comfort eating, maybe a book on emotional eating might help rather than following a strict diet. For me strict plans and diets lead to comfort eating but incan losse weight with smaller servings and snacks I enjoy.
    Pm me if you want to as I know the emotional side effects of'psorasis.
    Take care

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    Default Am I depressed or just unhappy?

    To me, it does sound like you may be prone to depression, and the circumstances that you are in certainly aren't helping! With depression, it can be really hard to see things clearly, to make decisions, and to find the motivation to change the things that you are unhappy about in life.

    Maybe some counselling may be of benefit to you? If after a few sessions you are still feeling much the same, it might be worth talking to a psych about possible depression. Some people might not actually suffer from clinical depression, which is often a life-long condition...but can suffer bouts of depression in response to stressful life events. I know of a few people who, during particularly stressful times, have been put on medication to help them get through it, but now no longer need to be on them.

    Good luck hun. Please seek some form of help xo

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