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    Default Feeling depressed after birth of DD

    I had a tough pregnancy with DD but labour was easy and smooth and i am recovering vety quickly. DD is now 4 days old.
    Since shes born i have been feeling so overwhelmed, feel like crying all the time. I miss the days when theres just DH and DS 19months old. I miss cuddling DS when ever he wants one, miss those mornings when he jumps on me and give me kisses. I miss the freedom of not having to breastfeed. Sometimes i even feel regret for wanting another baby so soon and i feel horrible for feeling this way! I am even scared that i might not love DD the same as i love DS.

    Has anyobe gone through this before?

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    Default Feeling depressed after birth of DD

    Hi, big hugs. This is that emotional baby blues stage. Take all the help you can get. You will come out of the haze and work out how to spread your time between your babes. If you are still feeling down in a few weeks talk to you midwife or gp there is lots of help for you. Big hugs you will get through it

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    It's totally normal around day 3 or 4 to feel this way. I did with both of my bubs. It's the emotional rollercoaster of hormones that happens after a new baby arrives. I had it really badly with my ds (he was in special care and a midwife rudely told me when I was already very fragile that I would be going home and leaving him in hospital), but it wasn't quite so bad with my dd, but definitely still an issue. The good news was that I felt a lot better in a day or two.

    It's a big adjustment to go from 1 baby to 2 and it's normal to feel a little concerned, scared, overwhelmed when it's all so new. Your midwife, Ob, GP and M&CHN are all there to help so don't feel bad about talking to them about it and obviously talk to your partner and family and get some support from them. But mostly relax and don't worry that this means you'll have long term issues and just take one day at a time.

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    As others have said it is very common to feel overwhelmed in the first week after giving birth. I's normal to be teary and upset for no good reason. I think it can be quite normal to have feelings of fear or regret. I think its really important tojust take it very easy at this time. You are adjusting to having a new little person in the family and it will take some time.

    However, if this mood persists and you don't find you are feeling better or are getting worse, get back to the hospital or your GP and get some help... PND is more common than we think and so many women suffer without support because they are scared to reach out.

    But what youare feeling at the moment is really common


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