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    Default Amnio - need advice please!

    I am an older mom and had a neck translucency scan recently which showed an increased(but not necessarily bad) risk for Down Syndrome. I have decided on an amnio, but wants to know how many other moms had one and what was the result? And did you decide before the time what you will do with the results? What was the side effects?

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    Default Amnio - need advice please!

    Hi, I was 39 when I had DS and my NT scan was 1:170 , we decided to do the amnio , firstly the stress of not knowing was worse and if there was anything wrong we wanted to know so we could discuss/research , we really had no plans either way what we would do , we took it one step at a time - the amnio was no where near as bad as you think it will be, it was over in about 3 minutes with the only pain being a little needle prick from the local ( I chose to keep my eyes closed the whole time)

    I had no spotting/pain anything afterwards and we paid to have the results in 24 hours, which were all clear and we found out the sex!

    My advice is just find a great Dr who has done the procedure a million times and ask loads of questions, good luck

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    Default Amnio - need advice please!

    Yes I agree with previous poster, I had DD at 41 and purely for that reason had an amnio, it wasn't as bad as I imagined although it felt invasive, I did have some pain for a few days later but it was a stiff feeling more like how you feel after sit ups. I had the all clear too. I did go straight back to work when it was over but would have preferred to perhaps have been resting. If you can rest afterwards as I was abit shaky as well. Good luck


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