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    Default Transitioning from being held to sleeping in cot?

    My 8wk old DD will only sleep during the day if being held, or in a carrier. Due to having an older DS to look after as well, I'm just getting on with my day and putting her in a carrier when she's tired.

    At some stage, though, she'll get too heavy for this.

    So, I'm looking for other people's experiences in how their bubs went from being held for sleeps, to when they got older sleeping in their own cots. How old were they when they started and was it much work? How did you do it?

    She self settles at night in her cot fine, so I'm hoping that will help when the time comes.


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    DD is 4.5 months and has just started not being rocked to sleep. I was wondering how to do it when she started resisting rocking. What we used to do was rock her to sleep then transfer to cot (but on tummy, she can roll and likes it that way). If she stirred we'd pat her on the bum until she settled. Because of the resistance I've been putting her straight in the cot and pat her bum. It takes 5-15 minutes of patting usually. I'll decrease the pats later. Not sure how well it would go on a back sleeper though.

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