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Hello! Ive missed you all - been moving house so haven't been online for a while.

Pigeon - really really hoping AF doesnt come on Thurs and you get your BFP Friday instead x

Madewithlove - im totally hearing you! We had SMEP plans this cycle too but we had a tiff then O day came 2 days early. We managed quickies on O day and day after... FX for us

Tormy - yay for ovulating and i too am 3dpo today so heres hoping we both have a little luck and babies due 8 September together!

Channy - just want to give you a hug - with some luck for your new approach of not trying/preventing

J - thanks so much for hanging out in here and so glad your pregnancy is chugging along as normal

Welcome Expectant Mom! I had a CP last cycle and it sucks getting excited only to end up back at square one. Good luck this month.

Pinkorblue - how is pregnancy treating you?

Shelby27- sorry that last cycle was a no go but cheers to September babies for us all!

AFM - well currently 3dpo and having a textbook cycle. A little bummed to not have done any BDing prior to O day but when youre moving its tricky! Our house is due to settle on 8 Jan so we had to put our stuff in storage and we are holed up in a hotel til then. Yup - a hotel for Xmas.. Boo hoo
Hi, moving is the pits isnt it. I feel for you doing it over chrissy. Hope you enjoy your new house and I am sure chrissy will still be amazing in a hotel room. Fx for you. Afm, everything so far is great. MS (and it is a atm) has arrived but is only later 2-3 hrs so far so hoping thats as bad as it gets.
Fxfxfx and lots of baby dust to everyone.

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