Short history:
In the past 10 years I have had two periods. One natural, one induced by primolut.
On my first month TTC-ing properly (with medical help).

Prescribed only 2 tablets twice a day primolut. Due two days ago for a period, but Ive had absolutely no signs that its on its way.

Had an appt. with my FS today to discuss course of action. He has said to continue on with the cycle, and if I haven't had a bleed before saturday to take 25mg clomid. (making today CD2?)

I have never heard of anyone starting a clomid cycle after not having a period? Anyone know what is going on inside my Drs brain?? Also, Im so worried that 25mg clomid will do NOTHING especially because I am a bigger girl.

Im just really confused right now, and I dont want this cycle to be a complete waste of time!