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    I didn't really have the option, as DD's Dad was studying when we became pregnant with DD, and we agreed that after my maternity leave I would return to work and he would return to uni and be a SAHD. I was looking forward to him finishing uni and getting a job so that I could cut down my days at work, but we broke up before that happened, so being a single mum I couldn't cut down.

    I am a lawyer and until this year worked at a private law firm. In some respects it was flexible and family friendly, but in terms of career progression I was basically stalled due to not being able to do the same sorts of hours and make the same sorts of commitments as my childless colleagues. Or those who had children but also had a partner who did most of the child care/home duties.

    This year I took up a contract as a senior lawyer in the public service and I love it! My job is no longer primarily about billing and profits and making the partners richer, and more about just straight up doing my job well.

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    I didn't have a career before I had kids. I have built a career and been working and studying through two pregnancies and while raising my small people. I have been a stay at home mum for both my kids for around 6 months after birth, then jumped straight back into employment. It works for us.

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    I took UP my career when DS was two I think a lot of people restrict themselves when it comes to careers after children. You just have to be prepared to put in the hard yards for a year or two to get ahead in your field.
    For some people that work is too much and it's more important to them to be at home or take a more flexible job.

    I'm lucky in that DH can be home with DS so that I can move my career forward. Not everyone's that lucky!

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    i was the team leader when i had ds...i was happy to not go back to that role as my boss was a douchebag...and i couldnt really do it only working pt i assumed as well...however when i go back after DD my "normal" job is pretty boring as ive been there 6 years...my old role technically is still mine but not sure how it would go down if i said i wanted it back as the new person seems to have management aspirations..i dont really want the old role back but i could use it to do a management degree which im kinda more interested in now...so yes i did put my career on hold and not sure how i could get back in. i like working a few days a week but dont want to work ft.

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    I gave up my career after having my second child. I worked full time as an Industrial Officer for a Union prior to having my first child. I returned to work 2 days per week when she was 12 months old, however it was difficult as my commute was 2hrs door to door in each direction, so 4 hours travelling a day. After having my second child I realised I couldnt put in the hours required and I resigned whilst on maternity leave and became a FT SAHM. I love being a SAHM for the most part but sometimes I do feel that I was a better Mum when I worked, simply because I made the most of the days I didnt work. I felt that we probably had a lot more quality time together. Some days it feels a bit like ground hog day and I know I dont make the most of our time together.

    I miss my job and I miss my colleagues. I have recently been wondering about what I will do when both children are at school. I would like to work in some capacity but there is just nothing in my field where I live and I would not take up commuting again. I loved my work, I had great bosses and colleagues and a really good working environment and I know that I wont want to settle for any old job. I want a job that gives me some job satisfaction. I am considering studying part time off in the hope of getting into a new career.


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