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    Default Changing DD's nappy for the first time

    I have posted a thread on hete before asking how to clean DDs little bits and have received great advice. Thank you all.

    DD was born 2 days ago and has been in nursery since, the midwives has been changing her nappies. This morning when i went to see her tje midwife asked me to change her nappy and i freaked out

    I tried to hold onto her legs pull towards her chin but her legs were so stiff anf she was crying so hard she didnt want to bend her knees! Then i cleaned around her bottom and i couldnt clean the creases. Am i suppose to open her little bits and clean the inside? The midwives were so busy and i felt so stupid!

    I will get them to show me next time

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    It's hard when they're crying and bending their legs, and their little bits are so tiny!!

    If you can, start with the wipe at the top of the v.agina and wipe it front to back trying to get in the crease as you go, I find that easiest as the majority comes off with that wipe and then you just need to go over it once to make sure nothing was left behind!

    It's a learning curve, you'll a pro in a few days!

    Congratulations on your daughter

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    Default Changing DD's nappy for the first time

    With my DD I do every so often separate the labia to get stuff out, as it doesn't always get totally clean by just wiping, particularly if I've been using nappy cream. Apart from that it's just front to back and just make sure she's clean in the creases.

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    Default Changing DD's nappy for the first time

    The midwife told me to give it a good thorough clean every now and again, especially in those early days, and she told me to try to separate the minora from the majora as that vernix stuff (and then after that, I guess it was just a normal newborn hormonal discharge) would build up there. It was white and gunky and it didn't last long, just the first few weeks.

    She supervised a nappy change once and told me to be much less afraid if the area.

    But I have another question if you don't mind Tubster?

    As a toddler now, I find the poop allllll the way where it shouldn't be (she will poop and run around or sit in it before I realize). Do other mums actually try to get that poop out? Or do you just wipe superficially and wait for the wee to clear it up? I worry I will push it further in trying to clean it, but there's often a considerable amount. I worry.

    She's never had a uti, and doesn't get rashes normally, so I guess I'm not doing anything too wrong.

    I can't wait to toilet train her!


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