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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazza78 View Post
    Apparently it tarnishes quicker if you live near sea.
    Yeps that's me, spend 6 days a week working a restaurant on the beach.
    Quote Originally Posted by Annabella View Post
    A silver polishing cloth from the jewellers will get the tarnishing off.I used to work in a jeweller and the silver exposed to light would tarnish quickly. I've also noticed at home the silver I have on an earring stand has tarnished but not the silver I have in a jewellery box. Usually if you are wearing it the light doesn't tarnish it though, and a week is pretty quick! I had a friend who turned a couple of sterlinng silver necklaces black, must've been something in her skin, but I don't think ALL silver went black on her. Some silvers have a differnt composition (like nickel free or how there is more pure silver than others), maybe you have something in your skin that reacts to that particular silver the Tiffany necklace is made of? Is it stamped 925?Either way, if it tarnishes that quickly again I'd probably ring them again to seek advice.
    Thanks will give it a clean and maybe not wear it to work (avoid sea air) but then that means I won't be wearing it 6/7 days.....It is stamped 925. Does that mean its pure silver?None of other silver jewellery has tarnished that fast including earrings, rings and my other necklace which were all sterling silver as well. It was shiny when I got it and now it's just dull with bits of black.... Will try to post a photo later tonight when I finish work

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    925 means its sterling silver- that it's 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% other metals- I think usually copper but not sure, and I think some manufacturers use different metals. It's mixed because pure silver is too soft for jewellery. It's strange though that this piece has tarnished and the others haven't as they are most likely 925 as well? All I can think of is that Tiffany's use a different metal or something?


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