My hubby and I moved to Mornington a couple of weeks before I gave birth to my now 4 month old daughter so I've put off making new friends until now - now that the zombie phase of late pregnancy and post partum-ness is pretty much over

Anyway I've decided we need more friends with KIDS! Every parent does!! And even though I know this forum isn't very active I thought I'd put it out there incase there's anyone wanting to meet for chats, coffee, playdates etc. So even if this post gets old get on it!

We have a now 4 month old daughter, Madi and a little boy, Jake, turning two next month and we live in Mornington, close to Main St.

Message me on here or if it's easier or I dont reply - my mobile number is 0435 404 782
Sooo chitty chitty chat girlies!

Anyway hope anyone that reads and their bubbas are well!