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    People are soooo judgemental!!! I hate that its suddenly ability of everyone in the world to comment on your decisions when you are pregnant.

    I am now avoiding conversations about my decisions so I dont have to feel this way. If people start asking I have started to deflect and ask them about something happening in their lives

    If you are comfortable with your choice of eating then go for it. Its your body and baby. At the end of it all you and your partner who need to be comfortable with whats occurred. Ignore your SiL hun x

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    I know I copped a bit of judging whilst pregnant with dd as sil was pregnant at the same time and would tuck into raw oysters.. In the country. Ham and chicken sandwiches that had been sittin on platters for hours at parties etc had eyes rolled at me and sil saying oh I don't Care in the old days... Etc. when dd was a newborn there was a massive recall of soft cheeses cos of listeria and I said THIS is why I didn't risk it.
    Everyone is comfortable with different things but for me the risk wasn't worth it and I just ignored them.

    My mum however said how they used to eat anything... But that they didn't know all this and it was great they had all this new information.

    But op take it on the chin and ignore them I have discovered that once you have kids random people feel entitled I comment on anything I don't know why it's awfully rude!!

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    I've been pretty relaxed about the food thing, not completely ignorant, but relaxed. The other day I was buying KFC, and had a Pepsi with it (not often I do this- god it was yummy) and this woman came over and said 'don't you know there's caffeine in that?'. I nearly laughed in her face. If only she knew that I'd forgone one of my 2 daily cups of coffee to have it. I understand her concern but I'm perfectly comfortable with my decision.
    That said, I'm grateful for the author of this article for posting. I have been guilty of feeling smug about my decision to remain laissez faire with my diet, (and) forgetting that others have had a tough journey to get pregnant, or else simply don't want any risk to fall on their unborn child.


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