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    Hi OP

    I too have this problem. I take spatone (like PPs) every second day with orange juice and every other day take Fab iron. I do still get slightly constipated but have found that when I eat home made museli with yoghurt it helps...not sure why though it just does it for me.

    I also ran into my SIL mother today and she said when she was pregnant they recommended parsley as well for low iron, so it can't hurt and my garden is overflowing with parsley so I'm adding it into my diet.

    As for the supplements kicking in...I still haven't noticed a great difference. The midwife has had me on Fab iron since 13 weeks as I naturally have low iron but in all honesty I'm still exhausted and dizzy...to be fair though not sure how much is low iron/low bp related and just being hot and bothered and being in the 3rd trimester.

    Good luck!

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    I became anaemic around thirty wks preg with my last pregnancy. I took Healthy care super-spirulina which is what all the midwives at my clinic recommended. I had to take 10g which is 10 x 1000mg tablets. It is known to not cause constipation. I was constipated well before starting on the tablets. I discovered I was anaemic when I fainted whilst sitting in a chair! Wasn't even exerting myself.
    (I just discovered I was preg so I've started taking the same tablets again.)

    I felt better, more energetic and less dizzy within 7-10 days! Before that I used to get breathless from even just sitting on my butt watching tv!

    I was so constipated from around 25 weeks onwards no matter what I ate and what natural remedies I tried. I think I didn't drink enough water.

    Your bp seems ok. Your systolic is only 4 lower than normal, you've gotta give or take 5 or so from baseline. In pregnancy our bp does tend to be on the low side because of the progesterone.
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