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    Default Worried about the high possibility of a premature baby

    Hi, I just wanted a place to air my anxiety and frustration! I am currently 23w pregnant with my second dd. I found out that I have complete central placenta previa. I have already had 2 bleeds (not major) which were before I knew I had the previa. It scared the life out of me. My OB is taking every precaution, but has also advised that most bleeds occur in the third trimester. I live a long way from the hospital, so have had to relocate closer (not helpful when you have a mortgage to pay as well), I have to have weekly blood tests soon so they can cross match and hold my blood type (just in case)... My husband works away, but will be home from late November (in my third tri) the OB is "hopeful" I will get to 34 weeks (36 would be ideal, but apparently highly unlikely) 34 weeks puts it during the week of Xmas! I have just stopped working, I'm stressed and paranoid and am uncomfortable not being able to be in my own home! What I am more worried about is having a tiny baby with the possibility of health issues as a result of the birth (fingers crossed I hang on until then of course)? I am scared that I will bleed and they will have to intervene and deliver the baby before its viable, I'm petrified. If you got to the end thanks for listening to my rant! Just feel as though no one else understands!

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    You poor thing!! Just wanted to let you know 23 weeks is viable and that if baby was born tomorrow the doctors would do everything to help it Each week that bubba stays in dramatically increases its chances!! As things progress and if it looks like bub might be coming out early ask your doctor for a tour of the nursery. Being able to see babies of similar size and talk to the nurses/other parents helps alot. Good luck!

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