OMG that is crazy, i run a childcare centre and it use to happen alot before i started there, I made the staff look at cross infection and made sure that they scrubbed their own hands as well as childrens, put all mouth toys in a bin to be washed and always clean everything all the time, if any child had symptoms their parents were told not to return the child to the centre 24 - 48 hrs after their last symptom stops and they had to get a doctors certificate, I know it is a inconvenience for parents but at the end of the day if other parents, kids and staff pick up the bug then their are alot more parents in the same boat. At the end of the day if a child is sick, they need to be home with their parents not in care, over the years i have had parents land at the centre with a sick child and i have literally turned them around and walked them out. I hate getting sick as well.