Hi Ladies,

I am new to this forum!

My hubby and I are starting our IVF journey early next year.
I have PCO and my hubby has some sperm issues.

Just some tips and advice would be wonderful, but also, other PCO ladies, I just got my baseline scan the other day and I have 15 follies on my right and 23 on my left. Obviously this is too many to stim on the cycle, my FS mentioned something, but have you had this before? Did they give you something to suppress the follies before you started stimming?

Another question if any one has an answer, or know where to find an answer... we are about 4 hrs away from our nearest clinic so when we get going they will be busing down the meds as far as i can tell...has anyone had to do this before from a country town and travel etc? How did you go? How did you get the meds etc?

Thanks so much