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    Got the results for my NS today my risk of DS is 1:268 which isnt to much of a risk in my thoughts but my PAPP level was only 0.4 baby had a neck fold of 3mm. This is my 4 baby and our 1st together.
    The doctor has suggested a CVS or amnio to check for abnormalities. Or to wait till 18weeks for the amnio.
    I feel like my heart is being ripped in 2. I dont know if the risks of the other tests outway just leaving it and wait to see what fate give us.

    My head is a mess there this is our 5th child but 1st together. I dont know how i would cope woith a late term still birth if there is something wrong. I get bad anxiety and feel like nmy chest is caving in and dont really want to feel like this for the next 6 months. I dont want to make my baby suffer if there is something wrong. But i am so scared that i will loose the baby from doing this test and if the results come back bad how will i deal with letting my baby go, birthing it.

    Im so scared and lost.
    Now that it's been about a week since your post, how are you going now? I had my NT scan done last Monday, and my risk is 1:199, with the neck measurement of 2.5mm, but it's still only half a percent chance. Honestly I am not worried about this at all, as Baby looked fantastic in the scan, it has the Nose Bone, and the heart looks great, plus the other things they looked at are well within range. We've already got DS who was born with a heart condition, which required alot of hospitalisation and surgeries. He also has Global Developmental Delay, and we've spent many hours in therapies and he attends a Special Ed Kindy. I'll be going to his school this afternoon to enrol him in Prep, where they have a great Special Ed unit I think if we got through that well enough, we should be able to deal with any health issues with this Bub.

    I decided not to go ahead with Amnio or CVS, as even if they found issues, we would still continue with the pregnancy, and if there is anything wrong we can't do anything about it until Bub is born.

    If you have major concerns, talk to your Doctor, see if you can get Genetic Counselling as well. Also, think about your levels of inner strength and how you cope with different situations. But I hope you feel at peace and can take this well and cope with what may come.

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    I was giving a 1:38 chance this pregnancy. I had a cvs done and everything came back norm. It's very normal for you to feel how you do, just keep thinking positive cxx

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    Just wanted to say... I hope all goes well for you. DH and I decided not to do any of the invasive tests as we wouldn't terminate which ever the results.
    I don't really like to the odds as even with all this technology you just never know...
    Also I wanted to say that down syndrome is not a death sentence many many affected people live a full independent life.
    I suppose if you feel the need to know you can do the tests and decide then, there's no point in stressing until you have all the facts and numbers.


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