Hi, New to this site and im not up with these Fourms lingo or abbriviations so I appologise.

My Hubby and I have be TTC for 2 years now (unexplained infertility...very frustrating) and have started IVF. I have just completed 1st SC. 5 eggs collected only 2 were mature and only one fertalised. Had the embryo transfer (day 2) last Thursday. I was devistated that only one egg was fertalised. I have prepared myself that the first time of trying IVF is unlikely to be successful as it's kind of a trial and error with the medication so to only have one egg fertalised and knowing that if it's not successful I have to go through a whole sc again! Kind of finding at the moment that its all a little too overwhelming and exhausting. Feeling very emotional and completly over the whole prosess.

Im trying to think positivlely about the whole thing but Im finding myself constanly thinking about it and its exhausting and stressful. Im in a job that I hate which dosent help and feel I cant leaving it knowing im hoping to fall pregnant soon. I exercise reqularly and have massages to help with my stress levels but it dosent seem to work.

I know it cliche but im surrounded by friends who are constanly announcing that they are pregnant...and knowing that they are pregnant I still get upset when they have given birth. Finding it very hard to be happy for them which is horriable.

Also finding it extremely hard to deal with the fact my cousin who is not in a relationship had a one night stand and fell pregnant and I am so extremely jeleous over that and cant seem to let it go.

Are there any other tips and advise to control my exhausting emotions? Im pretty hard on myself and put alot of pressure on myself which dosent help i know.