Nattie- my nk cells were just borderline increased but I've read even the aspirin alone can help who knows what combination it was that did the trick I honestly was thinking it'd never happen but did! Hopefully you get your BFP soon!!!

Tanchic- my dr when giving me my amh of 8 said IVF was our only option - at this point though I'd also been diagnosed with endo and had been trying 12 months. We'd tried naturopathy, accupunture, wheat free etc so i was ready to go for ivf. From all the reading I've done and questions I've asked AMH is only an indicator on how you will respond to IVF medications and how many eggs you'll potentially get. I'm living proof that this isn't always accurate (I over stimulated and ended up with OHSS). The only *potential* further issue is that your reserve may decrease further meaning less eggs in future cycles if you choose to wait but a few ladies on bubhub have had their AMH increase over time?? All the best if you have any more questions let me know!