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    I think I'd probably be a fence sitter.

    What is the government (or the "for argument") worried about? Who are they defending? Society? Tax Payers? The Children? The Parents? Love? Money? Time?

    If there worried about time spent with kids well I can assure you- there's less of it when one is working.

    Worried about amount of money per child? I think we can safely assume that not only does money NOT buy happiness but the net amount from working compared to welfare payments would come pretty close when you consider having 3 children or more (based on average family income).

    There is only ever a limited amount of tax to distribute to welfare recipients- shouldn't this be distributed to the people of society that are contributing?

    Than again, are we willing to punish the parents at the expense of the kids?

    The problem is, its not a one size fits all problem, and thus there wont be a one size fits all solution. Sure, there are people bludging off the system, but than there are people really trying to give it a go. You make this blanket rule to combat a certain problem, but at the expense of Joe down the road that has been working his butt off the last couple of years and got made redundant while his wife is expecting number 4&5!

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    I think it stinks.

    You can't have it both ways. Either the government supports people who need it, or they don't. You can't start putting limitations and caveats on who deserves it and who doesn't because of a suspicion that they might be "bludging" of the system.

    Having a government that helps those in need is what makes a country great. When the collective supports the minority every single one of us can be confident that we will be looked after if in need. Once you start putting exceptions on this based on value judgements and particular ideologies then the whole system falls apart IMO.

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    Thanks for contributing to my thread everyone. I guess if the Aussie government would popose such a big change, they will have a LOT of protesters standing on the parliaments doorstep.

    Thoug Im sure same will happen in UK.


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