I'm sure I won't be the only special needs parent who has had to enter into battle with their child's school for one reason or another. I am hoping there are some lovely ladies who have ideas to back myself up and truly stand up for my child. I'm too much of a pushover and usually I just give in.

DS goes back to school tomorrow, he has been in undies all holidays and is successfully doing all wees in the toilet. He still has no awareness of poos and is doing them in his undies, possibly one every day or two. Whilst he shows no awareness before, he is telling me as soon as they are done.

I want DS to be able to go to school in undies. I will provide bags/buckets, spare undies and clothes, wipes. Everything they need and I will sort all the mess up out of the bags/buckets at home. I just do not want him back in nappies because this will be a huge step backwards and I know if in a nappy DS will just wee and make no attempt to hold it or go to the toilet.

How can I back myself up on this when talking to the school tomorrow?