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    Default Help TTC #1: scared, family history of Autism.

    Been trying to conceive #1 but DP and I both keep freaking out, as his brother has severe autism, and his nephew (from another brother) is also on the spectrum.

    I'm madly researching prevention, genetics, gut flora, GAPS diet, anything to allay our fears, on top of my own issues (age, endo, ivf). Stressful! 😣 I also have gut issues myself (candida, food intolerances) so with his genetic trigger, n my s#t flora, I'm seriously panicked and about to give up. Was thinking of sperm donor also but not sure how much this would change things.

    Just wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat. I know it's a scary topic, appreciate anyone's response thank you. 
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    If you & your DH are "normal" then chances are good you will have a "normal" baby too. They really don't know the exact origins of autism yet, but they do say there is a stronger chance of conceiving a baby on the spectrum if it runs in the family. I have 3 kids, and my DS2 is on the spectrum. However, DS1 & DD are perfectly fine. I have no doubt my DH is on the spectrum & his dad is definitely on the spectrum.

    The thing is, these days, whether or not autism runs in the family, your chance of conceiving a child on the spectrum are still high - 1 in 100 or it might even be at 1 in 80 by now (which it is in the US). Of all the parents with kids I know, every second family has a child on the spectrum somewhere.

    Good luck with your decision. But honestly, in my experience, nearly every child is diagnosed with something these days!

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