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    I purely breastfed for 5 months and then added formula as well as he got too vomitty. At 11 months he stopped wanting formula and my supply had declined too much to do a breastfeed before food. So i went to food then feed at 11 months.

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    What about wet nappies? The whole reason I stopped BF was she wasn't having the 'required' wet nappies. She is no better with this new arrangement!! I am so cut. Do they not worry about nappies TnA? I just assumed she would eventually take bottles but its been nearly 3 weeks so I guess this is my new baby
    The MCHNs worried a lot about the wet nappies and stressed me to the max... but then I spoke to an AMEC worker at my mums work and she said she looked fine, nice and pink and gaining weight. Some days we have a lot of wet nappies, other days not so much... it tends to even out at around four good wet nappies a day.
    I just tried to remember, 'if she's thirsty, shell drink.' It has helped me stress less about it all, especially when she was drinking less than 300mls a day at 4mo!

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    DD is nearly 8 months and has silent reflux so she can't drink too much per feed in the day as it's too uncomfortable for her, so I've been giving solids before formula for a while now. I found that she would catnap as she was always hungry, so now I give her breakfast 1/2 hour before her first nap of the day then give her a bottle before I put her down for her nap. Then again I'll give her lunch 1/2 hour before her nap, then a bottle right before her second nap.

    In the afternoon I'll give her another bottle between 3:30 and 5:00pm, then dinner at 6:00 and then a bottle right before bedtime at 7:00pm.

    During the day she will drink between 400mls and 600mls during the day, then an additional 400mls at night.

    I find this works best for us as she gets plenty of solids and then between 800mls and 1000mls a day and she sleeps 14-15 hours total. If we did feeds after she woke up from the night before and from her naps, there's no way she'd drink anywhere near the 400mls she drinks now, she wouldn't sleep long and I'm really not sure how much solids she would eat.

    As long as bubs is putting on weight and has wet nappies and is pooping okay, then I'd say which ever way around you decide to do it is fine. Just do what's best for your baby. If you aren't sure what this is, trial and error is the best way!


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