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    Default Losing my mind!!!

    Today I drove to a friends place to return her keys as ive been looking after her animals while they were away. I went over, absolutly forgot to hand the keys over!!

    Came home from dropping DD off at a sleep over, had been through maccas drive-thu, brought my food in, went to the oven and put a pizza in for dinner.


    Im loosing my mind!!!!

    What crazy things have you done lately??

    I think mines stress induced. Well, thats my story and im sticking to it lol.

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    That type of thing isn't normal?! Rats
    Today I gave someone directions, gesturing with my hands, and got my lefts and rights mixed each time. Pointed in the right direction, though. Didn't even pick up on it when they repeated it back, laughing at me

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    I think I'm losing my mind too

    I ducked into the post office this afternoon and was greeted with a big hello and how are you from someone I am pretty sure I don't know. She continued on with lots of info about an apparent friend in common we have and I finally had to interject with (and hoping I didn't appear to be rude), with ...

    Me - "gosh, sorry just refresh my memory, how do we know each other again "

    Her - "I'm Sarah's mum - look, she's over there (pointing to a child I am pretty sure I have never laid eyes on in my life).....look Sarah, it's Biscotti (using my real name, so no chance of mistaken identity), say hello darling"

    Me - "oh right, of course ".....and i still have no clue!

    And on she went, talking about people I have never heard of (but apparently I know them all intimately) while I stood there, not knowing what to say! It was awful

    And then she finished off with " ....must go, I'll be late to pick up Cam, I'll tell him you said hello" ....and she was gone.

    I have no idea who she is, who her daughter is and who Cam is

    Losing my mind for sure!!!
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    I regularly make a coffee then leave it somewhere... once I found it the next day still sitting on the coffee machine waiting for me!
    I also drove in a completely wrong direction to where I needed to go for 10 minutes...
    The other day my friend was showing me pictures of her son on her phone (her DS was born 4 weeks after my DD in the same hospital) he was wrapped up in the same looking blanket as DD in most of the pics... then one pic stood out and I'm going omg he looks like DD sooooo much they could be twins!!!! proceeded to pull out my phone for a side by side comparison only to realize IT WAS DD, I had sent her a pic and she had saved it!!!! How embarrassing!


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