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    This isnt a hero story but i remember when a lady in her town which was about an hour away had her dog runover and killed by a drunk driver and she was so heartbroken. A week later our dog (same breed) had her litter of puppies so dad anonymously contacted the newspaper and asked them to find out if the lady wanted another one to help ease her grief. They were worth about 1000 dollars but Dad did it all anonymously and the lady got a new puppy. i always thoght he was a hero for doing that for someone he didnt know an d also fr doing it anonymously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GirlsRock View Post
    I was at the hairdresser once and a bloke obviously drug affected came in and asked for a hair cut but he was told they didnt have any time (which was true, they werent just being mean).

    I was just about to leave after having my hair done when I saw a shadow pass through on the wall and realised someone had opened the back door into the salon. I jumped up and ran through the salon and out the back and saw the same bloke going back outside again carrying a handbag. I chased him out and screamed at him to stop and for some strange reason he did. I screamed at him to bring the bag back, and again for some strange reason he did, but then I got scared and started yelling at him "drop it on the ground. drop in on the ground" and he dropped the bag and took off.

    The handbag belonged to the owner and had over $3000 in it, which was her takings for the week. She had taken the money out of the safe and was taking it home to bank the next day.

    Whilst she was eternally grateful for my heroics, I still paid for my new hair do <img src="images/smilies/laughing.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Laughing" smilieid="88" class="inlineimg" .
    What a tightar$e!!! You should have been given a discount at the very least!

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    Mine was right place, right time. I was wagging school and wound up a good 15mins drive from where I should have been and was walking to a friends house near the hospital. There was a woman probably about 30 sitting on the path near the road crying and screaming and people were just walking by her probably thinking she was mentally ill or something.

    I went over to her and saw that she had a a massive amount of blood on her and looked like she'd been in some sort of fight. I yelled at this guy to alert someone in the ED at the hospital as he walked by and he started running. I was only 17 but totally started taking charge. Some nurses came across the road with a wheelchair and took her in and she was looking at me as they took her away and I felt so bad that no one else on that whole street thought to see to her. Glad I skipped school that day.

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    I was driving behind a tow truck one day when all of a sudden it stopped, the flashing lights came on and it turned across the road, blocking all the lanes. I was using the rearview mirror to apply my mascara at the time so it came as quite a shock and I very nearly dropped my kebab into the coffee I was nursing between my legs. Anyway, after I finished texting, I got out to see what his bloody caper was. I walked around the front of the truck and there a mama duck with her little ducklings crossing the road. This big, tough-looking, quick-thinking truck driver used his tow truck to block the traffic so the little baby ducks wouldn't get squished!

    I admit, I had previously thought that the only thing truck drivers felt tender about were chiko rolls but that day I was forced to confront my prejudices and admit, truckies love duckies too!

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    When I was maybe 5 yrs old I used to go to the local pool with some friends, my mum was supervising tho she can't swim anyway this older girl maybe 12 was being silly jumping and dancing around the jumping board in the deep end she slipped so bad, banging her head on the board and went all floppy and fell in the water... Mum was suntanning on the chairs, I have no idea how on earth she managed to get up so quick but reached her arm in and pulled the girl out of the pool an gave her CPR... Girl recovered and was fine except for the concussion.

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    It was Christmas Day, I had to work but I dropped in to see my sister when I had a break in the middle of the day.

    Everyone was having drinks by the pool and my two year old nephew was walking around the pool ... next thing he jumped onto a blow up boat (had no floaties/vest on), problem was he went straight off it, couldn't swim and went to the bottom like a rock.

    Didn't even think about it and dove in and pulled him out. He was fine, scared but ok ... think my sister was more upset as she'd left his father to watch him while she prepared lunch.

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    These stories really show just how great people can be in this world Keep sharing!

    I will share a couple more stories from the vault.

    When I was 17, my then best friend and I were out cruising in his car. We were both car nuts and after driving around all night we found ourselves still driving around at about 6am. We saw a group of guys legging it really quickly toward the train station (they were still a few kms away from it).

    We come up to a set of lights. The road was straight with a small road off the lights to the right. We were sitting in the turning lane and we noticed a body in the gutter. We thought it might have been someone passed out, but people kept walking past. Not even thinking to get him off the road.

    We go to help him out and notice that he wasn't passed out, he was completely unconscience and sadly missing a good chunk of his face. We immediately rang all the authorities and within minutes police cars were there and the ambulance on it's way. The police were short on officers at the time and asked us to sit in our car with the hazards on and direct traffic around the lane (telling everyone to go straight) until another unit could arrive.

    I remember the ambulance arriving, he was still unconscience and they strapped him to the bed, blanketted and were just about to push him in the van when one of the most heartbreaking and haunting things happened (well to me it was). We just saw this body jolt, breathe in deep and then we hear him cry out for him mum.

    I had to try to hard not to cry too.

    What bugged me about this is people were more concerned in staring or just walking by than helping him.

    I will add that we told the police about the group we saw legging it before. And they dispatched officers to the next station down the line and caught them. They were the ones that had done it and I am so glad we could help identify them and where they went.
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