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    Default Bottle, solids and sleeping

    Our little critter is nearly 6 months and a couple of weeks ago we followed his cues and introduced solids.

    He loves the solids, so far we're giving farex at b/fast and puree'd veges at dinner time.

    But we're still not really able to break through the 3 hourly feed cycle. Which means bottle + farex at 6-7ish in the morn, then a bottle around 10-11, then another around 2-3, then bottle + puree around 5-6, then a topup around 8 and then another at 12-1am, then at 4-5am ... and repeat.

    He usually has around 120ml of formula at each feed. So the 210ml per feed, and 3-4 feeds a day on the formula can isn't happening ...

    He's really after solids at every feed, we're sort of holding back a bit to just 2 doses of solids per day as we don't want to compromise the formula feed.

    Should we just go with the flow and give him solids 3x a day? He's very plump, no issues with weight and size and generally pretty happy.

    Lastly, any tips on how to get the sleeping through thing happening. It's really wearing us out. Our first son (now 5.5) was great and just slotted into these things easily.

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    From what I remember, babies around 6 months should be on about 4-5 bottles a day?? Or 800-1000mls?? Maybe try offering more per bottle & stretching out between feeds to 4 hour cycles. It will be hard at first if bub is used "snacking" instead of larger feeds. I would have thought about 210mls per bottle feed, every 4 hours & none over night. If he is a good weight then he is more than capable of sleeping through without a feed at this age. When he wakes at night, comfort him back to sleep but don't offer a bottle. If you feel you have to offer him something, give him water. He will soon learn it's not worth waking at night - but be consistent or it won't work. This should also help him have a larger bottle in the morning, then allowing him to last longer until his next feed where he will also have a larger feed etc.

    As for the solids, they are just a "fun" accessory at this age and introducing him to food. His bottles are his main diet & offering him more food won't help him sleep through the night.

    Good luck I HTH!
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    At 6 months you can start to offer 3 meals which includes meat and other protein, yoghurt, fruit etc - he can basically eat what you are having. Milk is still the main source of nutrition until a year (food before one is just for fun!), so go with the flow and over the next few months you will probably find he starts to drink a little less often. I would also look at how much he has in a 24 hour period, rather than each bottle, and use the tin only as a guide, some bubs eat more and some less.

    One bottle overnight for a 6 month old is really great, I wouldn't be trying to wean unless you really thought he wasn't hungry.
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