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    Default Returning to work, would milk supply suffer?

    I am going to start working 2 days a week when DD is 7 months old. I haven't had much luck expressing, and at work I don't get a set or proper lunch break so it would be hard anyway.

    My questions are did your bubs breastfeed until 7 months or do I not need to worry because she'll be on solids anyway?

    And if she is still breastfeeding do you think the 11 hours I am at work 2 days a week affect my milk supply greatly? At 4 months DD quite often goes 9 hours between feeds at night so there is already a big stretch.

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    I was feeding dd1 till she was 19mths and was having 5-7 feeds a day at 7mths.

    I was only working short shifts so had no issue expressing 1 feed at a time.

    This time round - i will be starting work when dd2 is 7mths old for 2 days a week. I plan on expressing every day in the morning so as to have enough milk for her on those 2 days. That way i dont have to Express much in my lunch break other than to relieve my boobs.

    I also plan on not using bottles but sippy cups to avoid nipple confusion.

    These will help me retain my milk supply and hopefully avoid self weaning/breast refusal.


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    At 7 months babies are generally still having between 4-6 breast-feeds a day. So ideally you would need to express.

    However that being said, if you fed bubs just before you left for work. Expressed once at lunch time and fed bub as soon as you got home from work I think you could still maintain supply.

    I started working again when Lysander was 4 months. I never had any troubles with nipple confusion, we used the Pigeon wide-neck peristaltic nipple bottles. I've found these to be the best after much experimentation with bottles.

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    I went back to work when DD1 was 8 months old, I was working from 8am to 3pm. I wasn't able to express much milk, however I did build up a small supply in the freezer before going back to work. I didn't express while I was working.

    I would give her 2 feeds in the morning before taking her to daycare & she would eat breakfast there. She refused a bottle but did cope with a sippy cup so I would leave some expressed milk in a sippy cup for her, at first she didn't drink much but after a couple of weeks she got much better at drinking from the cup. When I picked her up at 3pm we'd go straight home and she would always have a long feed. When my small supply of frozen milk was finished she would have water - we did try formula but she refused it.

    I was working 3 days in a row and it didn't affect my supply and I fed her until she was 12 1/2 months old.

    I had to do a similar thing with DD3 and she also coped well and it didn't affect my supply, I went on to feed her until she was 16 months old.
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