I'm through OUA atm, I study at Macquarie university. There's pretty much always a teacher on the forums to have a chat with.
The issue I have though is that a lot of it doesn't make sense. The practical side of things does, the lectures do, and the work I need to do does, but missing out on the live tutes and stuff, and then needing to catch up I'm finding, to be perfectly honest, quite disheartening.
The other issue I find with OUA (As I've done distance education which was just doing things at my own pace, contact teacher if need be, none of the interraction with the rest of the class thing) is that the people in my class are getting a head (which isn't a problem) but they're posting it all over the forums, so it gets frustrating and confusing because I can't keep up. By the time I get to the discussions (which are part of the class thing) they've discussed the topic until it's like they're flogging a dead horse, so no room for others to participate.
I have a few other issues. I enjoy the work but the experience itself I'm not actually enjoying much at all. - -;