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    That sounds very difficult embee. I had no idea it was so hard to get childcare. Luckily that's something we (hopefully) won't have to worry about. I don't plan on going back to work until 2016 and even then it will only be part time. Who knows though, we might have to change that plan because of money, or I might be pregnant again by then!
    we've decided I'll finish up at either 34 or 35 weeks. I can't wait!

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    I finished at 31 weeks in my first pregnancy and I wish I'd stopped at 30 weeks. I was working full time and on my feet all day and it was hard. I was very tired and sore and so I was glad to stop. I didn't remotely get bored before having bub at 38+3 weeks, I had heaps to do. 2nd time around I was working part time and I stopped work at 34 weeks, but I wish I'd planned to stop at 32 weeks. I was very tired and struggling to sleep by then and to move. Depending on your pregnancy you are likely to need more appointments/tests/etc from around 34 weeks so the logistics of working full time and doing to appt's gets a lot more tricky.

    I'd say plan on 34 weeks and then if you're struggling let your school know you need to reduce your hours or stop earlier. I wouldn't work past 34 weeks - teaching is pretty physically demanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by embee80 View Post

    At 12 weeks I had to put myself on 12 childcare centre waiting lists. I need to go back to work after 9-10 months and most centres around my home/office have a 18+++ month wait list.. how depressing!
    Me too - I've had my name down at childcare since I was 6 weeks pregnant, so by the time DS starts in January I'll have been on the waiting list for 20 months. Crazy!

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    Although we are still TTC this topic affects me ..

    I work 3 x 12hr shifts per week which can consist of nights, days, weekends and all of the above in the same 7 days! ( I can do a night, night, 24hrs off, day, night, night, night with that 1 break from night to day) My rosters can be HARD.

    Although, I work in a very small company (4 staff, 2 owners) so I have the benefit of hopefully talking to the owners and getting some sort of sympathy roster to stop the sudden shift in days to nights etc. I dare say Id prefer to be on 3 nights a week as its alot quieter and less stress than day work.

    I plan on working until I almost pop. Easier said than done of course. I am in a locked building (Very locked, alarmed, steel doors etc) and certainly cant be relieved at 2am from my job if I have a sudden medical need. (short of calling an ambulance) As I work in a 24hr manned phone station kinda gig.

    I would think pending on my health I plan on working until approx 36 weeks. I think 38 is pushing it and 32 - 34 would have me bored! I work fulltime but have 4 days off a week so have plenty of time for Dr's appts and shopping for bub.

    Im more concerned on knowing how mat leave works, Google just doesnt help me!


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