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    Default Baby with severe kidney dilation - help pls...

    Sorry not sure if this goes in labour/pregnancy/newborn so have popped it into general - mods pls feel free to move.

    Last week we had our 34wks scan - bub dilated kidney has got progressively worse since our 20wks scan. (his left is good but right is 1.6cm which is more then twice the size of a healthy kidney and above the highest definition of 'severe')

    There could be 3 reasons for this, but from what I have been told basically its some sort of 'issue' that is cause urine to pool in his kidney.

    I have another scan in 2 weeks (36+4) and have been told that if the kidney has increased in size again, they would want to induce and get bubs out asap.

    From what I have read they will leave bub for 2wks minimum to give kidney chance to function outside of the womb. He will be put on ABs from birth and then after the 2wks some sort of assesment will be made, but given the severity of his condition most likely he will have an operation to attempt to fix the issue that is causing the dilation (ie. remove obstruction/repair connection etc).

    I am just confused about whether induction will be benefical/nec for him if they will not operate for another two weeks anyway? Also, I am not sure of what outcomes I can expect? Who else has beenthrough this?

    I asked for 'worst case scenario' - would they be taking his kidney out - the dr said 'oh no not straight away we will try to fix the cause'. She says its mostly preventative to stop permenent scaring on kidney and relieve pressure so that in the future it won't affect him. Only if that doesn't work will they look at removing hte kidney?

    I guess Im just looking ot speak to anyone who has been through something similar and what the outcome was?

    I am freaking out a bit!

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    you poor thing, you must be so stressed out. I have not been through what you are going through but I did have to have DS induced at 37 weeks as he was not growing very well in my belly. I guess by taking bub out early the Dr's have a little more control over what ever the problem is rather than trying to figure it all out via ultrasound whilst bub is still on the inside. I had both of my babies delivered early DS at 37 weeks DD at 36 weeks as my OB deamed it was safer for them to be out than in (if that makes sense). Both were little wee 5 pound babies, but both had very minor issues at birth. I was induced at 37 weeks with DS and had a very easy quick 4 hour labour and birth DD was an emergency C/S because she was breech.

    Fingers crossed bub is ok xxx


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