This is probably an age old problem, but I don't know what to do, what would you do? Mum is throwing me a baby shower and asked me to prepare a guest list. I have a bunch of relatives I don't want to invite because they are truly horrible people and will make me miserable by being there. If they're not invited they will find out and all hell will break loose, but if I invite them they will criticize every thing, sit in a corner and sulk, and generally be unpleasant moles. Would you invite people to keep the peace or stand your ground and do what makes you happy?

Also, if I do invite these relatives, for many reasons which i wont go into, I don't want to open the gifts I receive from others in front of them. Would it be acceptable to simply say I won't be opening gifts but will be opening them later with DH. Would you find this offensive or rude after going to the effort of bringing a gift?