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    Exclamation 4 year old boy cant keep wee in toilet when he trys to do poo!

    Ok I have no idea how to fix this. My 4 year old wont do poo in toilet. This few times he has, while doing the poo he has also done wee, which went everywhere, on his legs, floor etc. This has really put him off doing it on the toilet because it seems to make more mess than when he does it in underwear (but funnily enough when he does it in underwear he never does wee at same time?!)

    He normally stands up to wee, as we had so much trouble toilet training him sitting down because he hated the mess when it went everywhere.

    We have taught him to hold it down, but (when he was 2 and we started - his just become toilet trained for wees) i would hold it down for him and i couldnt stop it going everywhere either, no matter how much i pushed it down, the wee still went up too high and spilt out of the toilet.

    Is there a product, or technique or something i could do!!

    I currently have a weeman (he doesnt use this anymore because he can reach standing to get into toilet) and I have a bambino toilet training seat with step which is what he uses to do poo. I also have a thomas seat that sits on toilet from target, this one moves about too much and I dont like it. I also have a fisher price potty.

    I seriously am up for anything to help with this! I can understand his frustration and lack of interest when doing it makes so much mess. HELPPPP
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    I have a 3 yr old son. He's been toilet trained since a little over two. The 'doodle in the toilet' ( or holding it properly) is the hardest thing for me/him to remember.
    Poo- a different story for most. A whole new world for kids and something that tAkes a while for some. My son was greT- all poos in the toilet. Then he started to only do his poo in a nappy at night. He loves to feel like a big boy, so we used pull ups (with lighting McQueen) and all good. We told him big boys go to the toilet...blah blah...I feel it was for attention (we had a new baby).

    Now, 6mths later, he has just turned 3, and had a couple of poo accidents in the past couple of weeks. Again attention I feel as his sister is 4 mths.

    A couple of things to think about-
    Make it Fun- my son doesn't care what 'big boys do' but he does care what his buddies do/don't do
    Rewards- stickers etc. We read books to my son while he's on the loo
    Just don't get frustrated or say mean things.
    Pooing is the one thing they can (somewhat) control. You have to let them come around when they're ready
    Make sure there is no medical reason
    Best if kuck

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    Maybe before he does a poo, you could have him stand to do a wee first?

    I realise this is quite impractical and annoying, but it could work until he learns to really hold his willy down while sitting down on the toilet. Maybe have his dad demonstrate? My friend toilet trained her son by putting a table tennis ball in the toilet and telling him to aim for it. Apparently they don't flush down, they just keep floating there, lol. Could that work??

    My son caught on pretty quickly that if he didn't hold it down pee would go everywhere, but he doesn't like mess much so I think that helped.

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    no idea. perhaps you could suggest he widens his legs a little more when sitting so he can push his penis down properly?

    And when he holds it down does he push it down from the middle or from the base? I find that my boys tend to push theirs down closer to the base.. we don't have any 'wee everywhere' issues.


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