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Dummies cause sleep association problems, which hampers bubs ability to sleep through the night. If bub transitions through to another sleep cycle and the dummy isn't there bub will crack it.

Out of my mothers group bubs that have problems waking multiple times a night all use dummies. Some were told that before they can go to sleep school they have to get rid of the dummy.

I know it can be hard but if you're prepared for a few nights worth of pain weaning bub from the dummy will be worth it. Using a breathable comforter, putting bub to bed drowsy but awake, having a solid bedtime routine, not rocking/patting to sleep will be worth it.

Sorry I can't paint a rosy picture about dummies which is probably want you want. But in my experience dummies are short term gain for long term pain. If you want your bub to sleep through, get rid of the dummy now...

Good luck.
So how did you wean yours off?
Im reading up on pantley's pull off method, might try that...