No, DS is not actually escaping his I'd be impressed if he were.

DS is 14 months and is STILL sleeping in his Woombie. HE is well above the specified weight limit for it.. nudging 12 kgs when the Woombie is for use up to 11 kgs.. and I THINK that he is starting to become irritated with it but it's like he needs it to get himself to sleep IFKWIM. I guess it has become his sleep association. I leave the arm snaps open so he can work his arms out in the night, but I am TERRIFIED to put him down without it. He just doesn't settle well initially, and doesn't STAY settled without it.

I was wondering if any mums and dads out there had any experience with extended swaddling and how you managed to wean bub out of it. What kinds of things did you try? Did you go cold turkey or do it gradually? Is it just a case of a week of yuck until he gets used to the idea of not sleeping in it?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

TIA.. a very nervous