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    horribly sad, that even a baby at 24 weeks that could survive without it's mother has no right to life and can be killed off (for non medical reasons) if the mother desire's it. If you don't know you are pregnant by 6 months, you missed your chance long ago. Horrendous that it's even allowed.
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    There's something wrong with someone who doesn't know they are pregnant by 24 weeks. The baby shouldn't be punished for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luna Lovegood View Post
    3. Life begins at conception!
    Conception occurs when a sperm cell fertilizes an ova, or egg. Sperm and ovum are haploid cells, meaning they contain half the genetic information as a somatic (body) cell, known as a diploid cell. When the two combine during fertilization the resulting new, diploid cell, is called a zygote. This cell undergoes mitosis, or cell division, much like all the other cells in your body. After some divisions, the resulting clump of cells, called a blastocyst, is very generalized; they do not have a set defined purpose yet. Eventually they form into brain cells, skin cells, bone marrow, and all the various cellular structures throughout your body. You are not considered to be committing murder if you give blood or bone marrow, or if you cut yourself and damage some of your skin cells or lose white blood cells, so why are these cells different? Some argue because they have a potential to become a human being. This, of course is true. But that begs the question, if they have the potential to become a human being, but aren’t human beings yet, then how can they be a life? Furthermore, human DNA is made up of various proteins and amino acids that have been found on meteorites and are present in meat. All those amino acids and proteins have the potential to one day combine into some sort of life. Why are those not protected?

    This one is tricky, when the cut off is 24 weeks and its a clearly recognisable baby at that point, what constitutes as life? I mean from a legal standpoint. For me life does begin at conception and I lost a baby at 12 weeks and it was very much my baby, but I know that may not be true for everyone. But what does it have to have before it constitutes as life?

    4. Abortion causes pain to the fetus
    There is at this point insufficient evidence proving or disproving the theory that a fetus feels pain at any stage of development. It is incredibly unlikely that first or second trimester abortions cause an embryo or fetus pain, since the nervous system does not actually fully develop to the point where there is a recognizable nervous system until gestational week 9. At this point, the option for a chemical abortion (using the drug mifepristone) becomes unviable, and surgical abortions such as D&C (dilation and curettage, up until the 16th week of pregnancy), or D&E (dilation and evacuation, used following 16 weeks gestation). Surgical abortions generally need anaesthesia. Since anaesthetic drugs do pass through the placenta, assuming a fetus could actually feel pain at this point, it would also be anesthetized, and therefore, much like an adult undergoing anaesthesia, unable to feel pain anyway.

    This point made no sense. If the nervous system develops at week 9 doesnt that mean it develops in the first trimester? So a lack of nervous system cant possibly be a valid arguement for the fetus not feeling pain. I'm not saying that it does, but the arguement made no sense.

    7. Abortion causes Toxic Shock Syndrome
    Generally speaking, Toxic Shock Syndrome following a legal abortion done by a qualified professional presents an extremely low risk.TSS occurs by a bacterial toxin called Staphylococcus aureus. The issue with TSS and abortions results mainly from non-sterile conditions, and can also be caused by the incomplete expulsion of fetal matter. This was of much concern, along with haemorrhage back when abortions were illegal and women had to result to back room abortions by less than qualified practitioners. The risk of contracting TSS is extremely low in modern-day abortions.

    Not likely these days granted but definately not off the cards altogether. People get golden staff infections in other surgeries so why would this be any different?

    9. Abortion affects future pregnancies by increasing your risk of sterility / ectopic pregnancies / placenta previa /placental abruption
    There is no scientific link between an abortion done by a qualified professional and infertility, ectopic pregnancies, placenta previa (when the placenta attaches over the cervix), or placental abruption (when the placenta comes away from the uterine wall). Again, this is bad science and misinformation. Many women have gone on to have relatively normal pregnancies free of complications following an abortion. The decision a woman makes in response to an unwanted pregnancy is hers and hers alone to make. It can sometimes be extremely difficult to navigate through the propaganda in order to come to that decision. It is incredibly important that a woman is fully aware of the facts before making a decision that can be life-changing. Informed consent is essential to any procedure, and it is important that women are presented with genuine fact as opposed to misinformation.

    Once again, the risk is not high but it is still definately there. Asherman's syndrome is a risk when you get surgery for a misscarriage and its the same procedure for early abortion so the risk would be the same. Asherman's syndrome can cause plancenta previa, and a ton of other problems.


    I am all for choice and it definately needs to be informed choice, but I would be wary about articles dealing in absolutes like this one seems to be. It's poorly written and contradicts itself. Abortion is right up there with the hardest decisions a woman will ever have to make in her life and I know it is not one made lightly but if this is the informantion they are relying on then I worry for thier abilities to make truely informed decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    There's something wrong with someone who doesn't know they are pregnant by 24 weeks. The baby shouldn't be punished for that.
    I know you meant mentally but occasionally a pregnancy does happen where the woman has no reason to suspect she's pregnant. Whether its due to medical reasons or missing the signs and not showing its improbable but not impossible.

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    The problem with the pro-choice versus pro-life debate is that whichever side you take you are accused of being a heartless jerk.
    Personally, I am pro-choice, as I believe that if somebody is going to have a termination, it is better for it to be done in a clinic than, um, to put it bluntly, with a coathanger. I also do not believe in passing judgement on people who have terminations because you don't know what the circumstances are in each individual case. But I do believe 24 weeks is too late. It's a viable baby by then.


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