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    Default Should I take on extra work????

    Hi all,

    I am at a bit of a crossroad and need some advice!

    I have two children ( 2yrs and another turning 4 in November), I currently am working two to three days a week and also some weekend shifts occasionally. I have been with the same employer for nearly 10 years and have a secure government position.

    The problem is I have been offered another position with a great company which has the potential for future development, career opportunity etc more so than what I am currently doing.

    My problem is I do not want to resign from my current employer and have the opportunity to pick up casual work with the other company which would be great for extra cash which is why I applied for the position in the first place.

    I just do not know whether I can juggle both and would miss the kids incredibly, but we need the money at the moment.

    I suppose I am just asking for your opinion and advice?

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    I was in a ver similar position in march this yr!
    I also work in a govt position and took on an extra day per week with another health service as there seemed more opportunities and i wanted to know if the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.
    I applied for a maternity locum and ended up getting hired as a permanent part time which i guess was a bonus.
    Thecomplicating factor for me was unbekmown i was pregnant when i started but my manager was perfectly fine with that.
    I have a 3.5yo and an 18mth old and before taking on the extra day worked 3 days per week. The kids are looked after by grandma and grandpa 3 days per week and when i started the extra day we enrolled them in childcare 1 day per week. So we were very lucky to have that option available and it worked really well.
    I have just commenced mat leave from my second job as 4 days/wk with toddlers was a bit tiring, but will continue with my original 3 days/wk til 39wks.
    The extra money has been absolutely fantastic and the experience was worth it in every way. I enjoyed the different caseload, networking with a larger range of other professionals, seeing how other systems work, and the kids gained a lot fom childcare.
    In our situation it was well worth it, and professionally i have grown a lot. I'm not really sure what i will do when my mat leave is up though.
    It probably made it easier being preg in some ways as it wasnt a 'forever' thing, however the benefits and options i have now are far broader than what i had before and i feel a lot more comfortable with both my original position and knowing there are alternatives out there.
    Not sure if i've helped, but good luck with your decision


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