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    My DS (4) has been going through a stage of telling me he doesn't like his dinner, so instead of doing the whole get cranky, tell him to get for a bath and bed strategy, i now tell him that it's fine if he doesn't want to eat anything but he must sit at the table while Daddy and Mummy finish their dinner. 9 times out of 10 he ends up eating it - without stress, tears or any anguish.

    Good Luck and i hope the savoury muffins work a treat

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    I would make smoothies rather than the v8 as others have said it's quite processed so not as healthy as it seems.
    Could u feed her dinner type food at breakfast? It's the most important meal of the day so maybe try tuna/chicken and salad/veg. I know a few health (can't think of another term so) freaks who eat a main at breakfast like chicken/tuna with rice/salad/veg. They have heaps of energy and they also have homemade juices in-between meals too.
    Good luck it sounds frustrating mine both eat anything but I was fussy and drove poor mum mad.
    Just read the update glad things are going well.
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    I had very similar issues with my three year old son. Minimal veg, almost zero meat. Even the mention of dinner would start the whining. But also will eat good breakfast and lunch, lots of fruit, lots of healthy snacks.

    I took a tip from my friend who also has a fussy eater, and now I just give him a mixed plate for his dinner. Last night he had two rissoles, cheese, a cut-up orange, and a bread roll on his plate. He ate everything bar the rissoles (he did take a little bite, which is better than nothing). Not a great dinner I know, but he eats well during the day and always eats a lot at daycare which he goes to three days a week.

    I used to try and cook all kinds of things, copied recipes from daycare of the things he likes there. It seemed the harder I try, the less inclined he was to eat it! By giving him a mixed plate, I can try new things on his plate every now and then, but keep it mixed in with things I know he will eat. It saves me a lot of heartache as well, I'm sure you can relate, its such a great feeling to watch a fussy eater actually eat something!
    So maybe give her a cup of diluted V8 beside her dinner as a tempter to get her to sit there.


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