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    I think there's an element of looking back through rose-tinted glasses but I also think as you get older you learn what to stress about and what not to stress about and generally how to take better control and accountability for your life.

    I'm nearly 42

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    So is it fair for older generations to make the above comments or should every generation respect eachothers struggles and not compare?

    In answer to this yes it is fair to make comments. I definitely think when you're younger you don't know what you don't know, with age and experience comes wisdom - not always but more often than not.

    Generational struggles may vary but they are all human struggles and the older you get the more struggles you've usually had, so yep I look back at some of my own attitudes and think that I really didn't know a thing - I just didn't know that I didn't. 20:20 hindsight is a beautiful thing.

    I'm 35. At 60 I'll have a new and wiser perspective too. It's arrogant to think that the older generations don't have wisdom to share.

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    I think older generations are certainly entitled to their opinions & sure they might be able to offer some advice. But to flat out say that a younger generation should just suck it up because "back in the old days we..." is ridiculous. Some things will be comparable, but others won't with regards to pressures on young people growing up. A little perspective is needed. On both sides.

    FWIW I'm 27 - I am sure that when I'm older I'll have gone through more struggles etc & be more wise (at least I hope I'll be wiser).
    And I don't think the idea of a 1/4 life crisis is silly - I am pretty sure I am going through it now actually. Trying to save for a home-loan deposit but the housing market seems to be unattainable...Need to save for a wedding too. I have 2 degrees (with a hecs bill to match) & a stable job (which I really don't want to do anymore plus they screwed around with my return to work after DD so FU work) but I don't know what I want to do. We had a suprise beautiful, clever & cheeky DD last year who is now a toddler & face the challenge of parenting her.
    I don't spend all day on FB though or other social media & the younger generation mostly irritate me with their attitudes, language & outfits.
    I don't know if I'm doing enough or even what I want from life. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually but for now I'm in struggle street it seems.
    It may come across as a bit of a whinge but for me the struggles are real & no less important than the struggles of others before me.


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