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    I had a teacher in year 11 who did a lot of "experimenting" with us - affirmations, positive self-talk, meditation-type exercises. She swore black and blue that if she was feeling cold, she would say over and over to herself "I am hot, I am hot" and she would be sweating within a few minutes.

    I don't know if the things she had us do worked as such, but I know that it did give me a sense of control and certainly didn't hurt.

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    I think it could probably help with your mental wellbeing. Obviously, if you're saying nice stuff to yourself, it's probably better for your mental health than saying hateful things. It's not really easy to do when you suffer from anxiety and depression though.

    I do think though that saying, "it's not painful," in your head, over and over, helps. I do it all the time. It doesn't remove pain, but it temporarily lessens it. I had a big headache last night but we'd run out of all codeine-free painkillers (I react to codeine so can't have it anymore) so I was out of luck. I just lay on the couch telling myself it wasn't that bad. It seriously did lessen the severity. I do it often when I hurt myself or am in pain but not really in a place to do what I need to in order to stop the pain.


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