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    Default Storing and sterilising help plz!

    I just got a unimom allegro pump and its great. Helped get me through the engorgement when my milk came in and now we are doing great

    Problem is I don't know how to clean it!

    Can someone please give some advice on stove top sterilising of my pump and parts? Also for storing - can I sterilize containers the same way and then straight into the freezer? I don't have a sterilizer so was going to do the saucepan of water way just unsure how hot, long etc

    I don't know when I'll need to use it next as bubs is only 6 days old and breastfeeding is going fab now but obviously I need to clean it from yesterday's use and then when I do use it again I'd like to store the milk for bub.

    TIA x

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    Hey, I have a Medela swing which is similar and don't have a stereliser either, I bought some stereliser tablets and wash everything (except the pump itself where there are electric parts) with dish wash soap and hot water then I put everything in a container with the tablet and enough cold water to cover everything and leave it for an hour or so then rinse with cold water and air dry on a clean tea towel. I've never had any contamination issue and DD has not been sick ever.

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    Ok boiling is fine to sterilise things (after washing them thoroughly). Boil for at least five minutes (ie five minutes of actual bubbling boiling water, not warming up time) and place on a clean rack to dry. I did go and buy one of those microwave steriliser container things, and found it really good as u only put a little bit of water and three minutes in microwave and its done. (instructions vary depending on microwave wattage). Just be careful because the container will be sooooooo hot!

    Yes you could sterilise containers too for breastmilk storage but just depends what shape/size as some may be more difficult to try to defrost (microwave is not recommended). And only use good plastic ones, the thin plastic ones would probably melt when sterilising! But if you were wanting to pump and store regulalarly, I found those plastic pre-sterilised bags handy. Also even freezing milk in actual bottles (depends how many you have on hand) as that would save transferring into bottles to feed. Just leave room for the milk to expand when frozen!
    Hope that helps!

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