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    Default Need advice please! Luteal phase support, what and how much do you take??

    My wife had a fresh day 5 embryo implanted on Monday (after antagonist cycle). For luteal phase support she is taking...

    1 x Crinone (90mg) morning and lunchtime (2/day)
    1 x Progestersone pessary (200mg) dinner and before going to bed (2/day)
    1 x Prognova (2mg) 2 times/day
    2 x Provera (10mg) 4 times/day.

    My wife is really worried that this is too much and is also worried about the safety of provera for both her and our possible baby. She also has trouble with english as well which doesn't help our situation and she feels a bit left in the dark. I'm stuggling too trying to understand the whole process then explain to her as well.

    After a lot research it sounds like too much to me and the IVF nurse wasn't very receptive to us questioning the doses and drug/hormone regime. Nothing was mentioned to us about my wife having low progesterone levels but I'm pretty no blood checks were done during the cycle to check (is this normal?). In the past she hasn't had a problem though.

    I'm trying to find out if the medications/hormones my wife is taking is typical or way too much. In the experience of others posters here, what do you think??

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    The best place to go would be to your fertility specialist. The nurses are only following the written orders of the doctor, and would not be able to give you their opinion.
    As a general comment, these are not the highest doses I have ever seen. I take 4 times as much estrogen, but less progesterone at the moment. It really depends on what your own hormones are doing, if you are completely supressed and what range your fertility specialist is aiming for. You pay the FS enough money as a private patient, I would be Making an appointment or getting in contact with them. Also I know our clinic insists on interpreters who have special medical knowledge for any consent meetings, maybe one would be able to help with your fertility specialist appointments?
    Good luck


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