Wow, where do I start? I am a proud mum of DS 6 months, have been with DH for 7 years and married for almost 5. I'm 26 & he is 36. We live in WA but for the past year lived in NSW. My family are in NSW (apart from my unsupportive mother) who is here, and all of DH's family are here. His family are his friends, where I prefer to separate the two, and love being surrounded by my friends.DH hated his job in NSW and didn't make any effort to make friends and really just wasnt being very nice to me, and yes it was hard being a young mum alone at home all the time at first so we had discussed coming back to WA quite early on. Then I made some changes and made more friends, made more of an effort to catch up with people and just enjoy life. He knew I would have preferred to stay, but for the sake of our marriage I told him I would still come back. After a short trip just DS and I to WA in July we got home and I told him I'd be happy to stay in NSW. It was ignored. I know in hindsight I should have said "I want to stay" and been much clearer.We have had many discussions, I no longer feel any love for him, I'm not attracted to him, our sex life has been dead for the majority of our married life, I dread when he comes home from work, I would rather do things with my friends (and DS) or even just without him. ( I have told him all this),Since coming back to WA on Saturday, he seems to think that everything is ok, and that my feelings have changed! I reminded him lastnight that they haven't. I feel like I just want out! All of my support network is in NSW. He said he is prepared to do "anything" to make it work. (Except stay in NSW) I have looked into marriage counseling. Sorry it's so long, I just needed to vent!