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    Default hernia repair during a C/S

    My OB found a hernia and is going to talk to a surgen about coming in to repair it while im having my C/S, he is just unsure at the moment wether he can go through the same insision as my C/S or they might need to make another one, its in my groin.
    its a hard decision to make because i know they can go after pregnancy but id hate to go back in to surgery if it dosnt go away, its about the size of a 20c peice.
    I was just wanting to know if anyone here has had this done? and what what your recovery like? i dont want to make it harder on myself recovering from 2 opperations and i have a 2 1/2 yr old as well.

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    I've had an inguinal hernia removed and I did find the recovery reasonably painful. It was difficult to walk for a few days afterwards.

    I've had a c-section too. Obviously the c-section was way more painful and took much longer to recover from (I was cut vertically and horizontally too, which made it worse).

    My advice would be to have the procedures done separately.

    I'd imagine you'd need to be under general sedation for the hernia operation (I was), so it's not really a good option to combine the two, or you'd be under anesthetic when your baby is born.

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    I also have a hernia in my groin. I got it with my twin pregnancy and it went away after. Im now 34 weeks pregnant and it came back at about 15 weeks. It seems to only come back when im pregnant due to the size and weight of my uterus. My OB has said it will need to be repaired but she does not advise it until i am finished having kids as the repair may tear when pregnant again she also does not suggest getting it at the same time as the c section as it is too painful to have both at once. She said to wait a good while after recovering from the c section before its done.


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